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Information about our vineyard

The German wineyard estate Friedrich is located at the hillside of the Haardt mountains, in the center of the Palatinate wine region.

With its 9 hectares it is a relatively small estate which is in the hands of the familiy since 1840. For many years now vinification is being done in the own cellar and the grape varieties have been enlarged but the passion for vintage wine and the incessant research for quality improvement are still the same. 

The present owner Bernhard Friedrich considers his enterprise as a unique one, traditional and innovative at the same time, being among the first winegrowers to cultivate all his vineyards according the rules of controlled organic viticulture, which means no insecticide or herbicide applications or use of chemical fertilizers. 

For Bernhard Friedrich it is most important to safeguard the individual natural character and finesse of every grape variety by means of a gentle and separate vinification and bottling according and reflecting the different sites and terroirs. He cultivates mostly Riesling and Burgunder but he also offers smooth red vines and fruity white wines with subtle acidity. 

The success of the last years prove the winemaker to be right in his cellar management: he has received many prizes from the state in 2005, 2006 and in 2014 a barrique award and seven gold and eight silver medals from the provincial agicultural chamber and  this year already four gold medals: surely these have not been the last ones.


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Wein aus der Pfalz, Pfälzer Wein, Weingut Pfalz, Wein Onlineshop, Weine Online Shop, Weingut Neustadt, Weinhandel, Weingut Neusatdt-Hambach, Wein-Online-Shop

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